Why I’m Running

I'm a proud mother of two, wife of 31 years, former Criminal Justice Commissioner and City Councilwoman, presently Deputy Mayor, and businesswoman. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My father was a janitor and mother a cashier. My career began as a teller and now Senior Vice President.

California is a great place to live which is why so many call it home; however, it has become unaffordable, forcing many to make hard choices. Working families, senior citizens, and veterans are facing high taxes, soaring living expenses, and a government enacting laws without its people’s best interests at heart.

Rising housing and energy costs, transportation and food, are cutting deeper into Californians’ pockets affecting our quality-of-life. I will work with all parties to strengthen our economy by cutting regulations and red tape, incentivizing businesses to remain in California, and creating jobs with livable wages.

I believe affordability is directly tied to California’s crises of uncontrolled crime and homelessness. It's imperative to assist unhoused people with compassion, while enforcing the law. Sadly, my brother Dave Patrick, a Federal Officer, was murdered by extremist in 2020. Criminals must be held accountable and victims must be heard by the justice system. Our agricultural regions are in dire need of water solutions. Reservoirs & recycling plants are crucial for our sustainability.

With your vote, we can restore California back to a "Golden State" of promise, economic stability and equal opportunity, now and for future generations to come.

*Note: This candidate statement was provided to the California Secretary of State to be published in the election pamphlet mailed to every California voter. However, due to a complex, convoluted, and unclear filing process intentionally created to benefit incumbent politicians, Angela was prohibited from appearing in the pamphlet.